The Family Collective Guide to Spring: Seasonal Magic for Children

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Welcome to spring. I’m so excited to share with you the first in a series of seasonal guides, The Family Collective Guide to Spring. Celebrating and living with the seasons is something that is so important to us as a family, and the ways in which we raise our daughter. We find so much joy in tying our lives to what is happening outside, in creating celebrations and traditions that we plan to rediscover each year. Memories of our daughter are similarly intertwined, the blossoms float in the background as I think of our first park picnics. The world outside is ochre as we chopped apples together to make a cake, small mouse-like nibbles in each and every slice. There’s a distinct smell of chlorine mixed with the smell of strawberries dripping down her sweet chin as we paddled that hot summer’s day. And some of her first words are said with the glow of Christmas lights in her eyes.

And so, I hope to share a little of this seasonal magic with you. This is not a curriculum or a lesson plan, the guide has been written with the intention of being just that, a guide. When I wrote it I imagined you choosing those things that fit with your family values, that feel good to you, for you to cherish. And perhaps the spring after that, and the one after that too. It’s yours to mould and twist, to enjoy how you see fit, and to be a gentle companion to help you through the season.

It has four sections for you to find inspiration from:

  • GET OUTSIDE - Nature walk ideas, what to look out for over the season, a month-by-month of what’s in nature and gardening.

  • CELEBRATE - A calendar of spring celebrations, and some suggestions of how to enjoy them.

  • AT HOME - Full of crafts, activities and recipes. Ways to spend your spring.

  • MUSIC - Enjoying music with children, prompts for music study, poems and verses, as well as a Spotify playlist curated by father-in-law (a classical musician) and myself of classical and more modern music.


This guide is for you if you want:

  • to introduce your children to the wonders of spring.

  • to take the work out of planning carefully curated seasonal activities.

  • to embrace the small changes in nature.

  • to create celebrations and traditions for you to come back to year after year.

  • and the tools to create a little bit of everyday magic for your family over the next few months.

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