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Shopping second-hand; pre-loved clothing.

This post is the first of a series on shopping second-hand, beginning with clothing.

I have always been a magpie. It began with stacks of Vogue in my teenage bedroom, weekends spent in city centres and Topshop bags toted like an identifier. Then graduated to much smaller things- like newborn size smaller - of high street baby clothes…

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Zero Waste could be for you too…

I’m sure most of us have read with horror the UN’s latest climate change report. Its not a good forecast and has given me a lot of anxiety of late. With half a degree Celsius cited as the difference between poverty, water shortage and much more, now is the time to be ever more aware of our impact on this planet. It would seem that by the time Eilish turns thirteen, the fate of the planet could well be decided.

Having a baby to me is not only about raising her up as a good human, its also given me a greater awareness of my own values and the influence I actually have around me. I haven’t really spoken much about our mission to be as low impact as a family as we can manage before. Its a vast subject and the lack of characters available to me on Instagram never really gave me what felt like enough scope to really get into it before now. We truly started around June, then taking part in ‘Plastic Free July’, but what really set me off was the amount of money I was throwing in the bin. Toby works and I have made the choice to stay at home with Eilish, which although ideal for us means that we have little disposable income. What started as an interest in being zero waste and the planet, actually became a great money-saving tool for us.

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