Power to the Mother, a community.


The idea behind Power to the Mother began as a want to share empowering stories of pregnancy, birth and raising children. It grew into an insatiable desire to share every version of motherhood. I discovered the strength that can be found in recognition, even amongst the stories most superficially different to your own, when I found myself so seemingly changed by experience, yet unable to find connection in this new world I had landed in.

I’ve been looking for something to unify for such a long time, long before the idea for The Family Collective as a local organisation was hatched. I wanted to bring together those different strands of motherhood, and create a space in which they can be held, in which we can share, cry and laugh with honesty. A space in which we can learn from others, advocate and create a village where its missing.

Motherhood is where it all begins, we are all born of womb and of mother. It should be celebrated in all of it’s diverse and beautiful forms.

Which is why I am so excited to launch my new facebook group, a space in which I hope we can share stories, unite through those similarities and differences, create connection through experience and open-armed communication. It’s a space to tell the truth.

If you’re interested, come and join us.