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Power to the Mother: Beth Henson

Power to the Mother is a series of interviews on the transformative and empowering experience of motherhood.

Today on Power to the Mother I welcome Beth, mother of two and blogger at Someday Slower. Beth writes about minimalism and motherhood in such an approachable way that I find completely inspiring. Speaking to Beth I felt a real connection in our experiences, she speaks with such honesty. Here we speak about the ways minimalism changed her life, difficult births, and of finding yourself in motherhood.

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Maternal mental health and me.

It’s World Mental Health Day today, something that before having a baby would have been but the minutest blip on my radar.

Sometimes I feel like I have made my anxiety up. That I am undeserving of it being acknowledged at all. I brush it off as an “off day”, and push on until sometimes I break and sometimes I don’t. And then it perpetuates.

I was, and can still be, a person of laissez-faire attitude. Life goes on and I tended to be of the ‘it will all turn out alright in the end camp’, because usually it did. But then I gave birth, and it was pretty bad.

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