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Caring for the planet with young children.

In our scraggly patch of concreted garden there are a few pots mainly growing weeds, some sort of cardboard house we made, and - shamefully - our Christmas tree still. But despite it all, as I sit here facing the french doors, I am watching a pigeon, blackbirds and a blue tit swing on our bird feeders and peck around amongst the concrete. I know that should I go out there, I would find wood lice amongst logs and worms underneath plant…

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Spaces for a one year old: Our kitchen.

I’m returning to our play space series with another room in our little house, the kitchen. The kitchen is actually my favourite room in the house, it gets so much light during the day, there’s actually room for everything we need and its the nicest rental kitchen we have certainly ever had. Saying this, I felt like it was fairly difficult to make child-friendly. We don’t have room (or money) for a learning tower, nor much space for child-accessible areas, but it’s surprised me just how much we could do when I shifted my thinking and worked on it a little…

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Honesty and transparency.

I found going back to work hard. Grappling with the idea that things weren’t going to be quite as imagined, pregnant delusions of just being at home with my daughter, getting by and budgeting weren’t going to cut it. So, I packed up Eilish and me in the car, a box full of baby led weaning for an entire two days, and went back to work.

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Power to the Mother: Huma Qureshi

Power to the Mother is a series of interviews on the transformative and empowering experience of motherhood.

We welcome Power to the Mother into 2019 with an interview with Huma Qureshi, author, writer at Our Story Time, journalist, and mother to three. I love reading Huma’s weekly long reads, they speak of simple living and motherhood in the most beautiful ways. Her ability to get to the heart of divisive issues in the most simple and generous ways in nothing short of wonderful. Speaking here about the creativity within pregnancy and motherhood, and raising children with honesty and truth at heart, I hope you enjoy the beauty in Huma’s answers as much as I did.

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