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Spaces for a one year old: Our kitchen.

I’m returning to our play space series with another room in our little house, the kitchen. The kitchen is actually my favourite room in the house, it gets so much light during the day, there’s actually room for everything we need and its the nicest rental kitchen we have certainly ever had. Saying this, I felt like it was fairly difficult to make child-friendly. We don’t have room (or money) for a learning tower, nor much space for child-accessible areas, but it’s surprised me just how much we could do when I shifted my thinking and worked on it a little…

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Spaces for a one year old: Gifts she's loved.

I thought about sharing this post before Christmas, a mini gift guide of things a one year may like to play with in case you have one in your life. But then I decided that the may in that sentence was actually a little too vague for me. So I decided to wait, and have instead watched Eilish as she played with her newest toys in her collection, until I wrote this, gifts for a sixteen month old that are most definitely played with here anyway.

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Spaces for a one year old: our living room.

As the weather has become chillier and wetter, and the days are far darker, it has forced us to stay inside far more, and in turn has given me a big push to sort out the spaces within our home. We moved into our home three days after Eilish was born (the second move within the time of pregnancy), and it was a rush move due to a difficult rental situation and the imminent arrival of a baby. This has meant that it has taken so much time to sort, declutter and really enjoy our home.

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