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Pathfinder Calls

We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village”, and quite often all we truly need is a kind ear to truly listen. But in these times, it can seem like these are increasingly hard to find.

Parenting can feel like a wash of differing opinions, advice so black and white that it can feel there is no grey area. My aim with these calls is to hold your hand as together we work through any issues you may be having, to carve a path that feels good to be on, one that is uniquely yours.

Our call can focus in on a topic of your choosing. Whether that be:

  • Working through birth preferences, pregnancy concerns or queries.

  • Self care and kind motherhood.

  • Juggling gentle parenting and your own needs.

  • Carving seasonal rhythms in your home, and celebrations that are effortless and meaningful.

  • Talking through experiences, birth or otherwise.

  • Guidance towards what is developmentally appropriate for your child’s age.

  • Attachment theory.

  • Individual gentle parenting issues.

  • Whatever else you feel you may need to talk through.

Abi’s approach is so realistic and kind. In a fairly short amount of time she deciphered my rambles and got to the heart of what I needed to work on. Alongside practical guidance (which I’ve already put into practice to excellent effect!) Abi also offered me some useful theory, guidance and a WHOLE heap of no-bs advice. I love her.

I want to be that listening ear, those words of encouragement when you need them most, the gentle hand to guide you through those times that make you feel a little alone. I’ve said before that motherhood felt a little bit like being hit by a ton of bricks in the beginning, and it was when I found community that the heaviness eased and the joy seeped in instead.

I am not going to tell you what to do, or how to parent, or which path you should take. I am here to signpost you to Finding What Works for you and your family.

You will get:

  • An email exchange prior, to give me an idea of what you want to focus on, and what you hope to get out of our session.

  • A 60 minute video call with me.

  • Detailed notes emailed to you after our discussion, along with any resources or links that may have come up.

  • A follow up email a week after to see how you are getting on and to offer further support if needed.

To book a call click below, you will be directed to payment and I will send you an email to then organise a suitable time for us both.

If you have any questions or want to have a Free no obligation chat to see if we’re a good fit, click here to send me an email.