Power to the Mother

Power to the Mother is an idea born of feeling that every version of motherhood is important.

After I had my daughter, almost sixteen months ago, I was left feeling like I was missing something. Those relationships, those villages, those missing connections. I felt like something had happened to me, so life-changing, empowering and transformative, that motherhood had swallowed me up and spat me out, leaving me in a world that was the same yet utterly different.

I devoured stories of motherhood, craving connection and when I found those far between flashes of recognition, I found strength in the solidarity.

Power to the Mother began as an interview series, it began as a need to share empowering stories of birth, pregnancy and rasing children, and then grew into an insatiable desire to share motherhood, in all its diverse and varying forms. To unify in the differences and similarities of our experience.

This group exists because motherhood is where it all begins. All of womb, and born of mothers, this is a space where we celebrate and commiserate the very foundation on which we exist. It is a space to tell stories, to support and hold space for others. It is a space to share truth.

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