The KInd motherhood group


ISN’t it time we started giving ourselves the Kindness we All deserve?

Modern motherhood is missing something. For every bit of knowledge we’ve accrued; for every book written; and every little thing we can get at the click of our fingers, I believe there is a lack.

You want to give your child the gift of a childhood of joy and wonder.
You dream of raising good humans that will change the world with kindness.
You want to parent gently and respectfully, all while topping up your cup and feeling joy in the day to day.

The Kind Motherhood group aims to help you create life-changing mindsets in which kindness is treated with value, as together we integrate kindness into being a part of your life as opposed to an afterthought.

So why group Coaching?

Sometimes motherhood feels hard, we lack the headspace or the time or the support to delve into it all. Other times it can feel lonely, or overwhelming, or tiring.

The fact is, we are not supposed to be doing this alone.

We are missing the village.

Doing my doula training last year taught me the value of a circle of others inside which you can tell your truth. To sit and laugh and cry and to speak honestly amongst women who had the common experience of motherhood was revolutionary.

My group is all about creating a space in which you can be heard by understanding mothers, who can help you find ways towards a kinder way of being, while allowing you to find that village that you’ve been hearing all about. It’s here to help you shrug off a lot of the expectation and should have’s, and instead leave you feeling more trusting in your instincts as a parent.

It’s not about the Instagram of it all or those things you have been sold by the media as the correct way to mother, it’s all about finding the best ways that work for your family and you, while being held in a safe space of mothers.

You will get

  • Some pre-group work to delve into, to help both of us understand your values and what you want to get out of this experience.

  • A community of up to six women to support you, including me.

  • Four weeks of content to read and work through at your own pace, all about modern motherhood and parenting.

  • Six weekly calls between us on a decided time, in which we can delve into the content, work through any issues occurring in our day-to-day, and explore motherhood in a wider sense.

  • A private group just for the six of us, which you will hold onto after the group coaching is finished (and you don’t need a Facebook account!). You can post in it at any time to receive support from the other members, share your individual journeys, or post interesting content that you feel will benefit the others in the group.

  • Access to support from me through the private group whilst the group coaching is ongoing.


I am now booking for a group course beginning at the end of september

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An initial payment of £30 will be taken, with a further two payments of £20 being invoiced to you later on. You must be fully paid upon the completion of the course.

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